Who We Are.

uncommonly is a collective of practitioners drawn together by a passion for leadership and learning. Our experiences are varied – spanning multiple sectors and functional areas of expertise including inclusion and diversity, leadership development, learning and development, change management, and beyond. 

Meet the Team

Chris is the founder of uncommonly and an avid fan of the long-running CBS television show Survivor. A former teacher, marketer, and management consultant, Chris brings an eclectic mix of skills to the table. Recognized for his creativity and ability to forge meaningful relationships built on trust, Chris has worked with 10+ Fortune 500 clients spanning multiple industries including Media & Entertainment, Publishing, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and Corporate Social Responsibility. He is obsessed with inspiring great leadership and creating incredible learning experiences that change the way people think and operate.

chris donohoe  |   Founder & CEO

Valeska is the Co-Founder of uncommonly. She is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, and a former management consultant. She loves creating human-centric experiences of all kinds – from digital products to high-touch workshops and everything in between. Whether in a startup environment or global Fortune 500 organization, Valeska has a strong track record of leading global change initiatives in fast paced organizations and achieving results. Valeska is committed to diversity in leadership. Her work has been recognized by Forbes, MIC.com, and Vogue. 

valeska toro  |   Co-Founder